A public service announcement brought to you by Playbook, action based training to market your business.

What if instead of looking at building your business as a difficult and painful process you discovered it was a game? We believe that entrepreneurship is much more like a daring adventure game than a difficult job. Here's the little known rules of the game of business.

The Rules of the Game of Business

A Playbook for Online Entrepreneurs

If business is a game than every entrepreneur needs a playbook.

Playbook provides online entrepreneurs with flexible courses that teach real world skills. Each course is taught based on a case study by successful entrepreneurs like Corbett Barr, Steve Kamb and Tyler Tervooren.

New courses are added each month and include step-by-step instructions, downloadable resources and best of all, at the end of each course you'll have a real asset you can use in your own business.

Rules of the Game of Business Origin Story

Originally Jonathan and I discovered the Rules of the Game of Business from other entrepreneurs. It was a secret document that was passed between entrepreneurs. We had no idea where it came from! When we decided to create this site we searched all over for the source.

And after much searching we found the source of these powerful rules.

The original article was written by Amish Shah, a brilliant online entrepreneur. You can view the original article here.